Date: December 16, 2021
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The oxidation and corrosion of technical alloys is critical to their use, lifecycle and design of new materials. The oxidation cycle is complex and relies on transport through the alloy, the growing oxide, and surface reactions in a highly dynamic and heterogeneous material system. The oxide growth process has been studied for many decades and is well-understood, both on an empirical and mechanistic level. On the other hand, there are still significant, and impactful gaps in our understanding of the transition from alloy to oxide in the very early stages of the oxidation process. We will discuss the challenges and progress made in the study of the alloy surface reactions, and how they might (or might not) influence the oxidation process and therefore the performance of protective layers. Following a review of current work from the literature, we will focus on the Ni-Cr system including an illustration of the impact of minor alloying elements such as W, and Mo. This is an excellent model system, which is at the same time technologically relevant, and enabled us to probe the competition between transport and surface reactions. We will make an argument based on recent STM, XPS, AP-XPS and XPEEM studies why the surface chemistry, nucleation and surface diffusion can determine the outcome of  this process. We will address the challenges in achieving the “separation of variables” in this process by giving examples from our work on NiCr based superalloys.

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Petra Reinke, Professor
Materials Science and Engineering Department

University of Virginia


Petra Reinke is a Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Virginia. Her work spans a wide range of questions including thin film growth of carbonaceous materials, magnetic doping, and the manipulation of 2D materials. Recent work applies the instrumentarium of surface science to unravel the oxidation and corrosion mechanisms of technical alloys. Reinke started her career in Chemistry (University of Konstanz, Germany), and moved to the Technical University Munich/Max-Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics for her PhD where she studied low pressure plasma physics, and ion matter interactions in the growth of thin films. Her passion for surface science was ignited during her Postdoc/Habilitation at the Université de Montréal, and the University of Basel, Switzerland where she pursued mostly the study of diamond and diamond surfaces. Reinke moved to the University of Virginia in 2003 and has since greatly extended her materials portfolio, and combines scanning probe and electron spectroscopies to study heterogeneous surfaces and reaction sequences. She held the Heinz and Wilsdorf Associate Professorship in MSE. Reinke has led the Engineering Physics program at UVa for 15 years, and is current Chair of the AVS Surface Science Division, and a member of the AVS-DEI committee.

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