Date: September 25, 2019
Time: 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. EDT
Cost: $250 (AVS Member) | $300 (Non-Member)
This webinar on Phase Change Memory (PCM) technology will begin by introducing chalcogenide materials, including their unique properties, along with a detailed history of early discovery and their modern path to recent use.  Expanding further on potential applications, a review of the structural considerations for device fabrication and implementation will be discussed.  This includes the various types of PCM cell designs and structures currently in research, development and early manufacturing phases.  The main thrust of the webinar will then focus on highlighting and describing many of the processing challenges associated with the introduction of PCM materials into more traditional semiconductor technology fabrication facilities.  This includes a detailed review of various processes such as the chalcogenide material deposition process, the patterning process and the formation of bottom / top electrical contacts.  Methods used to characterize phase change material properties and alleviate process induced material modification will be introduced and reviewed in detail and methods to successfully implement and fabricate PCM devices within a standard semiconductor device process flow will be highlighted.   To conclude, a summary of the current state of the art along with a recap of future challenges and issues yet to be fully solutioned will be reviewed.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is designed for researchers, students and technologists looking to develop a deeper understanding of phase change material technology.  This includes critical aspects of material selection, characterization and processing, and their respective connections to the performance requirements for potential implementation in a range of applications from storage class memory to smart memory devices.  Prior knowledge of semiconductor materials, device technology and/or materials characterization will be beneficial but not necessary to capture the essence of this course.

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I. Introduction of Phase Change Materials
     a. First Discovery and History
     b. Early Issues with implementation
     c. Renaissance of Phase Change materials & PCM Scalability

II. Overview of device structures, implementations and applications

     a. Device structures and implementations
     b. Opportunities and challenges in applications.

III. Overview of Market Trends for PCM

IV. Processing Challenges of PCM Materials and Devices

     a. Review of PCM Materials and Deposition Methods
     b. Patterning challenges of doped and undoped GST 

V. Characterization of process induced damage to GST based materials

     a. Etch induced material modification of N-doped GST
VI. Summary and Future Challenges

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