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Virtual Conference Overview -

The International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF 2021) will be adapted into a Virtual Conference comprised of Live and On Demand Sessions. The registration deadline is April 30, 2021; all presenters must register by March 1, 2021. The event will feature:

  • Live Daily Sessions Monday – Thursday (2) and Friday (1)
  • Live Plenary, Exhibitor Keynote, Special Interest, Student Award Finalists and Invited Talks—all with live Q&A Chat opportunities
  • Live Friday Award Session with Sproul and Bunshah Honorary Lectures, live announcement of Student Awards, and Q&A opportunities
  • Live Moderated Post Session Invited Speaker Special Sessions Allowing for Informal Discussion and Networking
  • Live Post Session Virtual Sponsor Chat Rooms
  • On Demand Oral Sessions
  • On Demand Poster Sessions with a Mix of Pre-recorded (Video or Audio) Talks and/or PDF files
  • Live and On Demand Sessions available on mobile app/desktop planner through June 30, 2021 and then to AVS Platinum members in the AVS Technical Library

Note: Live Sessions will also be recorded and added to the On Demand Sessions.

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About the Sessions -

The ICMCTF 2021 Virtual Conference will kick off on Monday, April 26, 2021, with the Plenary Lecture, followed by two parallel sessions of invited talks. Each morning’s Live Sessions will follow this pattern, kicking off with a keynote talk from 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT followed by two parallel sessions of invited talks, being capped off by our Awards Session on Friday, April 30, 2021.

All Registered/Paid attendees will also be able to participate in the Monday, April 26–Friday, April 30 Technical & Poster Sessions. The live sessions will feature plenary, invited and honorary lectures.  After each day’s live sessions, we invite attendees to view the pre-recorded Technical & Poster Sessions On Demand. Posters will be a mix of pre-recorded (video or audio) talks and/or PDF files.

Registration Information and Fees -

Registration is required for all sessions, technical or optional. The registration deadline is April 30, 2021; all presenters must register by March 1, 2021.

Registration Type & Fees:


Regular Presenter


Student Presenter


Invited Presenter


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  • Payment: Fees must be received in order to view the presentations. If you register on or after April 26, 2021, please note there may be delays in accessing the live and On Demand sessions.
  • Cancellation: If for any reason you cannot attend the ICMCTF 2021 Virtual Conference you must contact AVS at 530-896-0477, by April 19, 2021, to receive a refund, less a $10.00 processing fee.  No refunds can be given for cancellations after April 19, 2021

Time Zone:
All Live sessions will be held in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Please note that Live sessions will also be recorded and added to the On Demand sessions. Time Zone Converter Tool

Access and Viewing Platform:
All sessions will be accessible via the ICMCTF 2021 Online Scheduler and/or Mobile App through June 30, 2021*. Live sessions will be presented via the Zoom platform over the conference dates (April 26-30, 2021). On Demand access will begin on Monday, April 26, 2021, 1:00 pm ET.

 *Access After June 30, 2021: AVS Platinum Members will have access to all On Demand Sessions in the AVS Technical Library until their membership expiration date.

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